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Our Technology

Cadence uses state-of-the-art braille dot actuators, designed from the ground up to maximize comfort and clarity. The dots can refresh as fast as three times a second and are compact enough to enable text with regulation braille spacing, tactile graphics and even animated content.

These dots come together to make braille cells; each of our modules features four cells. Each module is...modular, which means that service and repair is simple. We provide calibration software to account for any "drift" dots may experience over their lifetime, and if a module ever fails, it can easily be swapped for a new module.

Cadence features all the standard connectivity methods you've come to expect: Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy (BLE) and USB Type C for charging and data connection. You can use either of these methods to connect to a device as either a screen reader or using our innovative software.

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