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Cadence and Government

Providing vital accessibility accommodations for people with disabilities is vital for our modern society and high-tech economy. People with blindness and low vision use government-provided assistive technology not only for daily activities and quality of life, but also to gain access to applications and information necessary for full participation in their education and careers.

The Problem

  • Over 1 million US veterans would benefit from employment accommodations due to being blind or visually impaired.
  • As many as 5 million blind and visually impaired people in the US are eligible to work but are unemployed.
  • An estimated 50% of the BVI (blind and visually impaired) population is under- or unemployed.
  • Roughly half of BVI college students drop out, but if they receive adequate accommodations, they are 3.5 times likelier to continue their education.
  • Only 16% of the BVI population holds a bachelor’s degree or higher. This is in comparison to 50% of the general population.

The Solution

These numbers are due to a number of factors, including low braille literacy (~10%), expense and difficulty of producing paper braille and graphics, and lack of availability of teachers of the blind. The Cadence tablet helps solve these issues.

  • Learning braille (including vital math braille skills) is made easier with a portable, web-connected system that can quickly download practice material, gamified exercises, and online assessments.
  • Paper textbooks can cost up to $50,000 to convert to braille, and thousands more to ship to students. The Cadence tablet enables a single converted textbook to not only be used by students across the nation, but also allows those students to share notes, annotations, and corrections – in braille.
  • Real-time connectivity allows a single teacher to remotely teach, assist, and assess students without needing to travel to each student’s location, vastly multiplying their effectiveness.

Contact us to learn more about the Cadence tablet’s ability to maximize the value of disabilities funding while improving outcomes for millions of people.

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