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Cadence in Education

The Cadence tablet is an ideal learning aid for both mainstream and specialist schools, enabling students to access braille and graphical content without carrying bulky paper volumes.

Entire libraries of braille books are accessible on the Cadence tablet, along with a growing collection of animated and interactive educational graphics and study tools. Users can create their own content and then share it between classmates, teachers, and schools.

Students: Navigate your files and folders on your computer to bring up documents and assignments. Work on them using the Cadence tablet to read and view graphics, then save the completed files back to your computer.

Teachers: Connect to multiple student Cadence tablets from one computer, and send images and content to them all. Highlight objects for your students to focus on, make suggestions and corrections on the fly, and create interactive quizzes.

Contact us to find out how you can integrate the Cadence tablet into your educational environment.

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